31st January 2019
AI in healthcare

Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence, AI, looks exceedingly promising for use in healthcare. AI in healthcare can help to address staff shortages, providing useful data at fast speeds, and […]
19th December 2018
C diff

Spotlight On: Clostridium difficile

Also known as C. diff and C. difficile, this bacteria causes severe infections in the gastrointestinal tract. It invades cells and it damages the intestinal barrier […]
12th December 2018

6 Deadly Diseases Commonly Found in Hospitals

Poor hygiene in hospitals and other medical facilities can put patients’ lives at risk, as viruses and bacteria can easily spread and cause deadly infections. There […]
20th November 2018
FREE Sky 7Xi when buying 2

FREE SKY® 7Xi When You Buy Two MoonBeam™3

Diversey are offering you a unique chance to improve your processes of broad area and mobile-device disinfection by purchasing not one, but three proven solutions at […]
8th November 2018

Effective Disinfection Technology with Moonbeam 3

Effective Disinfection Technology with Moonbeam 3 In as little as three minutes, the Moonbeam 3 eliminates life-threatening pathogens across broad areas. UV light kills bacteria and […]
1st November 2018

Benefits of UV-C Disinfection Technology

Benefits of UV-C Disinfection Technology Even the most diligent cleaning with bleach, hot water, or other disinfectants can easily miss life-threatening pathogens like E. coli or […]