ISS Facility Services

The MoonBeamThe MoonBeam™3 disinfection system is helping ISS Facility Services to attain a clean, healthy environment with modern standards of efficiency, as part of their daily cleaning and disinfection routine.

The solution was used in Larkfield during a deep clean and after-infection disinfection process to great effect, delivering a game-changing level of pathogen elimination.

The manager who deployed the MoonBeam™3 was extremely pleased with the results and the performance, saying:


“We cleaned a total of 21 rooms. Some of the rooms were disinfected for only one session, whereas others were cleaned over the course of three sessions lasting 3 minutes each.

I found the MoonBeam to be a very versatile piece of equipment. Its small size and light weight allowed me to easily fit it into my car together with the extra staff needed to carry out the deep clean.

The disinfection times are very good, as we were able to complete a bedroom in 6 minutes, a toilet in just 3 minutes, a dining room took us 9 minutes, and the lounge took us 6 minutes.”


The MoonBeam™3 emits powerful UV-C light to enable the quick and efficient disinfection of broad areas, targeting high-touch surfaces to destroy pathogens with a level of efficiency that’s almost twice as effective as more traditional cleaning and disinfection methods. If you would like to find out any more information about the MoonBeam™3 and how it can help you to create a cleaner and safer environment, contact us today.